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Burning Spear (a.k.a Q...

A menacing vagrant who has made the bush her home is seduced by an armed robber who is hiding out th...

12:35 AM


Sins Of The Past

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and the flames of hate from a woman scorned can burn do...

02:10 AM


Money Never Sleeps

A proud man's girlfriend tries to persuade him to accept a money making opportunity without knowing ...

04:05 AM


Oko Ojo Kan

Jide kosoko gets caught making love with his son's wife ,which happens to be his supposed wife befor...

06:20 AM


The Devil You Know

A family run drug cartel is in uproar after a man betrays the family by stealing a huge sum of money...

07:35 AM


Season Of Tears (a.k.a...

Will the romance between the two birds be strong enough to make a compromise and failure of a long l...

11:10 AM


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iROKOPlay is a Nollywood oriented TV channel, broadcasting Nigerian movies on 24/7 basis. Nollywoood is the world’s second largest movie industry, and iROKOPlay aimed to showcase hours of this awesome content coming from Ghana and Nigeria.

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