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My Heart

A successful young man falsely tells his father that he is engaged to be married and is tasked with ...

12:01 AM


Desperate To survive

An orphan who is brutally gang raped becomes a hardened criminal with no hope, dreams or ambitions u...

02:46 AM


Ada My Love

Ada is sent to the city to live with her uncle,she meets and falls in love with an already engaged m...

04:16 AM


Sorrow to Joy

An insecure man is consumed with jealousy over the fact that his younger brother is more successful ...

09:50 AM


Too Late To Cry

Two friends are both dissatisfied with their fiancées who are dreadful homemakers and lousy cooks. ...

12:00 PM


Sleep Walker

An innocent young girl witnesses her parents’ brutal murder before she is brutally violated,which ...

02:29 PM


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iROKOPlay is a Nollywood oriented TV channel, broadcasting Nigerian movies on 24/7 basis. Nollywoood is the world’s second largest movie industry, and iROKOPlay aimed to showcase hours of this awesome content coming from Ghana and Nigeria.

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