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Ozoemena(a.k.a Evil Wo...

A married man impregnates a scheming village girl, and is forced into making her second wife, howeve...

12:11 AM



A reincarnation of their love from generations past, can only come alive if a troubled girl allows a...

01:58 AM


Final Hour (a.k.a Rush...

Harmony in a family is disrupted when a troublesome wife persistently harasses her brothers-in-law b...

04:28 AM


Magazine Show

Lots of Gossip, Fun and a bit of Wahala from the Sets of Top Notch Nollywood Productions.(2015)

06:37 AM

Magazine Show2015

Stupid Love

Ojo and Alaba(Osita Oheme and Chinedu Ikedieze),two stupid friends who in the search of money to mar...

06:55 AM


Nneka My Daughter (a.k...

A man single handedly creates a war zone in his household when he brings in a second wife. Despite h...

08:27 AM


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