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The Game

An unemployed man, after a long spell of poverty wins a contract worth millions of naira. He and his...

03:57 AM


Sister Jukwaese

Gamine and cantankerous Gabriella has shut down her entire village.In a desperate attempt to restore...

06:50 AM


Boys Cot

Samuel &his dream of becoming a disco entertainer become reality when he meets Ify, however in the f...

12:00 AM


Forbidden Love

A prince and princess from rival kingdoms have to find a way to end the long feud existing between t...

12:03 PM


Co-operate Beggars (a....

A trio of enterprising panhandlers decide to merge their individual talents together and go legit

06:30 AM


Girls Connection

Several girls live in a huge house with a madam who arranges meetings with rich and influential men ...

05:00 AM



Straight out from the orphanage, two adopted children mutually devise plans to execute when they arr...

09:06 AM


The Beast

The beautiful daughter of a physician finds herself stuck in a dangerous affair when she allows hers...

03:08 AM


Kill The Orphan

A man's love affair from his college years comes back to hunt him. Disregarding his wife and kids, s...

04:00 AM


The Ghost

An angry woman is bitter about her father being snatched away from her as a child, by some ruthless ...

02:13 PM


Ada My Love

Ada is sent to the city to live with her uncle,she meets and falls in love with an already engaged m...

04:10 PM


Popular King

A conceited man deems the village girl that his father wants him to marry not classy enough for him,...

07:15 AM


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